Funeral Services Provide:

•Family car
•Body removal
•Body storage (Mortuary Facilities)
•Wash and Dress
•Acquiring Death Certificate from Dept. of Home Affairs
•Enlarged Framed Photo of the Deceased
•Funeral Pamphlets or Programme
•Coffin/Casket/Dome Casket
•Booking of Grave
•Family Tent
•Covered Chairs
•Decoration at burial place
•Lowering Device
•Grass Mats
•Red Capet

Funeral Policies:

•Affordable Different Plans for Funerals, and Cremations
(Economy, Prestige, Legacy, Big Family and Dome Casket Plans)
•Funeral Plans for Families, Pensioners or Individuals
•Waiting Periods from six (6) months.
•No medical examination needed
•No HIV/Aids exclusions
•Payout with 48 hours
•Single Member Cover from R40, family Cover from R70,
and Elderly Cover from R80 – Single & R100 – Family

Optional Extras:

•Life Celebration DVD Presentation
•Newspaper/Radio Notices